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The Ties That Bond us chap 2 :iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 2 1
All American Girl Cover Page by wolfdemongirl13 All American Girl Cover Page :iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 2 1
All American Girl ch.2
Previously on All American Girl:
   Back In the Tower
“Say what now?” Steve yelled thru the Avengers Tower
“I said you have a daughter, Steve” Tony told Steve again for the fourth time
“How, that’s impossible I was frozen for 70 years Stark!” Steve could hardly believe his ears after being frozen for 70 years he now finds out he has a daughter.
"Ya know Steve there is this thing called a Sperm Bank maybe the girl's mother got your baby gravy from it" Tony replied
"That's not helping Tony!" Steve yelled again
   At Queen's Manor later that night
I sighed again as I sat on the bed; Thea always allowed me to use when ever I came over to hang out after our girls' night out. I grabbed my night clothes, and changed after I heard what sounded like pebbles hitting the bedroom window, curious I walked over, pulled back the ruby curtains to see my boyfriend; Roy standing there, opening the bedroom window
"What are you doing here?" I a
:iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 3 1
Choice of the Arkenstone preview
               60 years ago
Thorin the king under the mountain mourned the deaths of his only two heirs, brothers Fili, and his younger brother; Kili. Some how  Thorin Oakenshield of Erebor managed to survive, but lost his nephews at the hands of the enemy. Everyone had thought that the King under the mountain; Thorin was cold hearted, but when he had heard that the sons of his sister; Dis had been killed in the battle to reclaim the Lonely Mountain he broke down crying like he had never cried before in his entire life.
To honor his fallen kin; King Thorin had two statues built in the mere image of his eldest nephew; Fili, and his youngest; Kili. So for the next decade, or so Thorin ruled Erebor with a firm yet gentle hand. Many single she-dwarfs came, and went, but Thorin never married. All of Erebor thought he'd die single, and alone like his young heirs; Fili, and Kili had done years before. Little did he know was that the king's jewel; T
:iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 2 9
Choice of the Arkenstone Cover by wolfdemongirl13 Choice of the Arkenstone Cover :iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 4 3 Once Upon A Dream cover page by wolfdemongirl13 Once Upon A Dream cover page :iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 2 12 Daughter of Bimbette Claudette by wolfdemongirl13 Daughter of Bimbette Claudette :iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 3 22 Children of Father Winter by wolfdemongirl13 Children of Father Winter :iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 2 0 Daughter of Jack Frost by wolfdemongirl13 Daughter of Jack Frost :iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 2 6 Masquerade Ball by wolfdemongirl13 Masquerade Ball :iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 3 11 Descendants Wicked World-Dianya by wolfdemongirl13 Descendants Wicked World-Dianya :iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 5 18 Hunger Games-Fairytale style by wolfdemongirl13 Hunger Games-Fairytale style :iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 3 1 Nightdust as Wonderwoman by wolfdemongirl13 Nightdust as Wonderwoman :iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 3 1
Change Fates' Design Prince Ben X Oc Reader 2/
Chapter 2: Question and Answer
        Later that afternoon found Prince Ben on a quest to find Ellie, and ask her to the coronation mainly, but he also planned to ask two other questions as well the second being if she'd go on a date with him, and the third if she'd be his girlfriend. Getting help from Scottish princess; Dianya the future king found Ellie surprisingly  at Rapunzel's Tower.
'Now this is quite interesting'  The Prince thought  to himself
"Ellie, are you up there?" Ben yelled from under the Rapunzel's Tower the golden blonde stopped her painting at the familiar voice. Silently she walked towards the open window just enough to get a glimpse outside
"Depends on whose asking?" She yelled back
"Ben, future king of Auradon!" He yelled his reply, sighing she threw down a thick rope ladder, allowing Ben permission to enter her mother's tower.
    After Ben managed  to safely enter the window of the infamous tower
:iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 9 3
Change Fates' Design Prince Ben x Oc Reader 1/
Chapter 1: Strange Feelings
Ella's the youngest daughter of Rapunzel, and Eugene Fitzherbert which made Ellie, the younger sister of Anexlin. Unlike; Anexlin she had her mother's long golden blonde hair, and her father's brown eyes. And to make matters worse, she had a huge crush on the future king of Auradon.
___________Start of story___________
It was two weeks before the Coronation.; Ellie were busy as usual, having to brush your long golden blonde hair, as she brushed the twenty feet of hair you began to sing the lullaby; her mother would sing to her as a baby.
"Flower, gleam and glow
Let your power shine
Make the clock reverse
Bring back what once was mine"
There was a sudden knock at her dorm door
"It's open!" She yelled as the blue door opened looking over her left shoulder she saw two of her five friends; Dianya, and Evie
"Now that is a ton of hair" Evie said which caused her, and Dianya to laugh
"Tell me about it" She replied
"Ever thought about trimming it?" She asked her
:iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 11 8
The Warrior N his Princess of Atlantis 1/2 by wolfdemongirl13 The Warrior N his Princess of Atlantis 1/2 :iconwolfdemongirl13:wolfdemongirl13 3 1


Looking at you (Bruce Banner x reader one shot)
Leaning at the wall you looked through the glass, to the lab. Bruce was looking at the microscope, just like the first time you saw him, and didn’t seem to notice you staring at him, fortunately. You sighed quietly, scratching your wrist while thinking. It’s been exactly a month since you first met Bruce, would he remember that?  Probably not. You weren’t even sure why did YOU remember , but you did. Quite well.
”Agent (L/n) to Fury’s office” – you hear in your earphone. “Fury’s office? That has to be something really important… Or not? Actually, with Fury you never know” – you think, going in the direction of where your boss should be.
-Agent (L/n).
- Colonel Fury.
- We have a special mission for you.

Well, that’s basically how you ended up in Stark Tower, as some kind of a secret agent. From what you knew, it was complicated – Tony knew you were related with S.H.I.E.L.D., but you didn
:icongemukaiso:GemuKaiso 153 15
Anger Bruce x Reader
     The world is harsh, that was what you were taught all your life. You learned how to hide in the shadows and shield your eyes with your (h/c) hair with precision so you wouldn’t catch people’s eye. It was a lesson that you had taught yourself; after all you were an orphan so there was nobody else to teach you.  Even the headmasters at your old orphanage- people who were supposed to help you- abandoned you, in the form of locking you in your room.
“I will never be free.” You spat into the darkness. You had no fear of being discovered now; there was nobody around for miles. You had taken up a home in an abandoned shack in the middle of nowhere, with grassy fields surrounding your dwelling. You fingers itched to curl into a fist and take your rage out on dark rotting wood that made up the pitiful excuse for a house. But you knew better even if it didn’t.
     Anger slapped at the edges of your heart, desperatel
:icondeath-for-one:Death-For-One 277 19
Clumsy [Bruce x reader]
    If there was one thing you hated more than anything else in the world it was being called clumsy. Not because it was un-true, but rather because it was one hundred percent correct. You tripped over anything and everything your feet came across. It was a fact that you found extremely humiliating and Tony –being the man that he is- used every chance he got to poke fun at your inability to walk. Naturally you couldn’t do anything about it because he just had to be your boss, and you desperately needed the job.
“Ah (name) there you are. We need our coffee fix.” Tony stated mere seconds after you stepped into the lab, “And don’t spill it.”
        Your lips contorted into a mix between a grimace and a scowl before you twisted on your heel and stalked from the room. The moment the door shut behind you Bruce turned towards his friend and lab buddy.
“Do you have to tease her like that?”
:icondeath-for-one:Death-For-One 337 65
Bruce Banner x Reader
Request for Wolvnia
Bruce Banner x Reader
AN: I altered this request a bit and made it so that when the reader gets angry she shifts into a huge wolf with red eyes.  She also has rapid healing like Wolverine and is about thirty five.  Also in this fic, the reader is Logan’s (Wolverine’s) daughter.
In this fic, the Professor has repaired Wolverine’s memory so that he remembers everything.
You wrinkled your nose as your father lit up another cigar as you waited to be picked up from the Xavier institute and taken to the Avengers Tower where you would work alongside Bruce Banner and as your father called him “the glorified tin man who can’t see where he is going without the help of an assistant.”  You were very tempted to snatch the cigar from Wolverine’s mouth but a glare in your direction told you that was a bad idea.
A tall, blonde man, wearing a brown leather jacket made his way over to you and smiled.  “Hello there ma
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 233 104
Avengers X Mutant!Reader - Bruce's Ending
“So you have some free time to do whatever you like before we have to meet up in the bridge” Steve said as he finished his own lunch. “Why don’t you help me since I’m dying” Tony said before he placed his forehead on the table.
“I could give you a tour of the S.H.E.I.L.D headquarters if you like” Steve told you as he beamed towards you.
“You could come training with me, if you want” Natasha said smiling at the thought of a good fight.
“I’ll show you the labs if you like” Bruce said as he glanced up from the piece of paper he was looking at.
“I guess I’ll go and……….”
“I guess I’ll take you up on your offer Dr. Banner” you said as you looked towards Bruce with a miniscule smile on your fac
:iconkennysgurl11:KennysGurl11 55 5
Avengers X Mutant!Reader- Part 3
"Well I should be going" you said before you stood up and walked out ignoring the people calling out to you. You walked to the end of the corridor and slumped down. You put your head in your hands and sighed deeply. You heard footsteps approach you but you didn't care since you were fed up.
"Are you okay?" a voice asked as the footsteps came to a halt in front of you. You looked up and saw……
Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man.
You groaned inwardly when you first saw who it was.
"I'm fine" you snapped as you pulled yourself up off the floor and leaned up against the wall casually.
"You sure about that Cat-woman?" he asked as he grinned at the nickname he gave you. You screwed your face up in response to the nickname and stayed silent. You sighed when you realized you were completely lost and you would have to ask the egotistical jerk standing next to you for help.
"I'm kind of lost……could you show me where my room is?" you asked as you looked at To
:iconkennysgurl11:KennysGurl11 234 190
Hawkeye X Reader-Chapter Three
You and Clint had finished your cups of coffee.  You sat at the table for a while.  You asked Clint to teach you some archery.  He happily agreed.  He was very nice to you.  He didn't say much, but when he did talk he was always polite and funny.  Suddenly, Clint put a hand up to his ear.
"Yeah, I'm here," he said into his earpiece.
You hadn't even noticed it before.  You looked at him, puzzled.  He listened intently to whoever was on the other end.
"Yeah, I'm with her now," Clint said, looking at you.
You furrowed your eyebrows.  Clint continued to listen to his earpiece.
"I'll bring her up now," Clint said.  "Barton, out."
Clint lowered his hand and looked up at you.  He stood up and walked to your side.
"Director Fury wants to meet you," he said.  "You up for it?"
"Yeah, sure," you replied.
You stood up and walked down more gray hallways with Clint.  His
:iconreaperrose:ReaperRose 111 19
Hawkeye X Reader-Chapter Two
You woke up again without the IV in your arm.  You still had the heart monitor clip on your finger.  Besides you, the room was empty.  You wanted to go see Clint.  You looked into the open doorway.  There was a burly guard dressed in black standing just outside.
"Um, excuse me?" you said weakly.
Your voice was still coming back to you.  The guard looked in at you.  He raised his eyebrow.
"Where's Clint?" you asked.
"Agent Barton is at the firing range," the guard replied.  "Would you like to go see him?"
You nodded.
"Let me call a doctor to make sure you're good to go," the guard said again.
You nodded again.  The guard made a call on a walkie-talkie.  Soon, a doctor came in and did a quick check-up on you.  She said you were all right to get up and move around.  She fetched you some clean clothes from the closet in your room.  After the guard left, you got
:iconreaperrose:ReaperRose 127 31
Hawkeye X Reader-Chapter One
You woke up in a dimly-lit room.  You looked down at the IV in your arm.  You heard the steady beeping of a heart monitor.  Your head felt foggy.
"Where am I?" you whispered to no one.
"You're in SHIELD's hospital wing," replied a voice.
The voice was male and quiet.  You tossed your head over to where it came from.  There was a man sitting a few feet away from your bed.  He had blue-gray eyes and light brown hair.  He was dressed in a black vest and pants.  His arms were crossed over his chest.  He was watching you intently.
"Who are you?" you asked, throat feeling raw.
"My name's Clint Barton," he replied.
He stood up and brought his chair closer to your bed.  He sat down, leaning towards you.
"I'm [f/n] [l/n]."
"I know."
"Why am I in the hospital?"
"You blacked out after an episode dealing with some gang members.  I was stationed nearby and brought you here."
You started to
:iconreaperrose:ReaperRose 223 71
Ever After High Box Bio Base by teddy-beard Ever After High Box Bio Base :iconteddy-beard:teddy-beard 494 121 Ever After High Book Cover by LadyMandiga Ever After High Book Cover :iconladymandiga:LadyMandiga 41 3 Ever After High Character Card - Back by LadyMandiga Ever After High Character Card - Back :iconladymandiga:LadyMandiga 117 6 EAH- Rebel Card Base by sarelyn EAH- Rebel Card Base :iconsarelyn:sarelyn 108 11 EAH Card: Mary by LucentAngel EAH Card: Mary :iconlucentangel:LucentAngel 18 33

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For those who want/wish to make Disney Descendant bases I have a list of some links that should help




Jay and Evie: for this one could you make Evie the oc…
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While Logan was upstairs in his bedroom, hovering above the young teen girl. He had no idea that his long time friend; Charles had found something that would change their lives forever. Gasping, and a crowded doorway was what the professor found when he come to talk to Wolverine about the young woman. Scott one of his former students pushed open the bedroom door, Scott as well as Charles gasped at the sight now in front of them
"What have you done, you animal?" Scott yelled at Wolverine, Wolverine snarled
"Do not fuck with me!" Logan replied as he hovered protectively near the young woman that lay currently motionless on his bed. Charles sighed
"Leave us for now Scott"
"But Professor!" Scott seemed to whine, Wolverine snarled with that being a warning, Scott sighed and left. As Scott shut the door to Wolverine's bedroom, Charles joined the duo at the bedside
"Logan, I found something earlier, I think you'd like to know" Seeing Charles wasn't a threat to the girl; Logan sat down on the chair next to his bed
"And what would that be Charles?" Logan asked him as he tried to calm down
"I think I have found the reason behind your wanting to protect Samira" Charles started
"And is that?"
"She is a part of you Wolverine. . ."Wolverine looked at the younger man in the wheel like he was crazy
"You're sick, you know that" The professor sighed
"That is not what I meant Logan. You feel the need to keep her safe, protect her from the world, but you haven't the slightest clue on why"
"Yes, just what exactly are you getting at?"
"After doing a blood test on the two of you. . It turns out that Samira happens to be your daughter" Logan blinked
"You can't be serious Charles"
"DNA doesn't lie Logan, have you ever met a female mutant named Kayla Silverfox before?" Logan cocked a jet brown brow at Charles
"Yes a few years back what does she have to do with the girl?" Charles sighed
"Because Ms. Silverfox is Samira's biological mother, older sister to Tozzi, who is better known in the present as Emma Frost" Logan looked at Charles like he was crazy. Meanwhile, as the professor, and Logan chatted about just who Samira was she started to slowly wake up to her surroundings. I blinked as I slowly opened my dark brown eyes, as I took in my new surroundings. I groaned
"Ah, you're finally up. . How are you feeling Samira?" I heard a male's voice ask. I looked in the direction of that voice, and noticed that I wasn't alone, I saw two men looking back at me one was bald, and sitting in a metal wheelchair, whilst the other. I gasped as I looked at the dark brunette who seemed to have what looked like two points on each side of his head.
"I've heard about you before" I said to the man wearing a white tank top
"From who?" He asked me
"He goes by the name of Sabertooth" I replied to him
"What did that scum bag say about me?" Logan asked me
"Sabertooth told me that he was my uncle, don't see how thou" Logan sighed as he now ran a hand thru his untamed hair
"Fuck. . !" I blinked my dark brown eyes
"Um. . Who is he?"
"He's my older brother, shit if he's met you he might be after you" Logan snarled as he slammed his left hand down on the bedside table which broke from impact
"But why I don't understand. . .I'm nothing special"
"Actually, you are my dear. . "I eyed the bald man in the wheelchair
"What are you talking about?" I requested; Logan sighed
"You're my biological daughter Samira, your mother was a Native American mutant named Kayla Silverfox, who had the ability to both human, and mutant under her power just by a touch, and simple suggestion. Because you happen to be our daughter you inherited a couple of our abilities. I came to notice you possess my healing factor as well as my retractable adamantium claws, of your mother's you have her hypnosis. And with those he could kidnap you, and experiment upon you. He could even have you turned into one of the most dangerous mutant of all time, known as Weapon X."
"Whose Weapon X?"
"The most dangerous, and the unstoppable mutant known to man, and mutant kind. A human called Striker worked together with my older brother to gather the abilities of different mutants, so he could have the ultimate super soldier mutant."
"Wait Sabertooth said he was killed sixteen years ago"
"He was Striker used Weapon X to kill me, but that didn't work. His plan backfired when your uncle, and I worked together, and brought down his dangerous creation. After that Striker's men fled, and I was shot multiple times to the point where I had no former memories of any one, or my past life, but I'll tell you one thing. . Sam I loved your mother from the moment I laid eyes upon her. Had I known your mother was with child, I would have saved the two of you. I don't blame you if you hate me"
"Stop. . Just stop.. I don't blame you honestly. You had no way of knowing about me." I stopped to catch my breath "So what do I call you exactly?" I asked him
"What do you mean call me?"
"Well, didn't he say you're my father?" Logan nodded
"Uh, dad if you want I won't force it upon you Sam. I've been meaning to ask"
"Hmm, what's that?"
"The name Silverine who came up with that?"
"I did it's a combo between Silverfox, and Wolverine"
"Well, it suits you very well by the way, how's that stomach wound?" Logan asked me now suddenly worried, I sighed as I lifted up the light sheet, only to see that the wound was sealed completely. Logan stood up, and leaned over me to notice that wound was healed fully just than a bang went off on the mansion grounds which caused me to jump
"WOLVERINE! I know you're in there! Give me that brat, and you walk away unharmed" The three of heard
"Fuck, he's here"
"Who's that?" I asked
"Your uncle," I gulped "On my life I swear no harm will come to you" I heard my father say, I bit my lower lip
"Just be careful, please" Logan nodded as he rustled my dark brown, almost black head as he stood in front of me looking out of the three story Xavior mansion window.
Author's Note: So Wolverine's brother has plans kidnap his own flesh, and blood, Will Striker re create the mutant know as Weapon X?
The Ties That Bond us chap 2
X-Men  @ Marvel
Samira/ Silverine @ Me

For my reader :icondead-rotting-hood:


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