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March 20, 2012
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For reasons unknown I felt drawn to the sword as well the weird armor I waited until both Mr. Friedle, and Tarah left for lunch before I picked up the ancient sword as I held the magnificent sword in my right hand. . . Both actually since it felt heavy as I held up the sword I noticed the ruby gem in the center of sword's hilt began to glow I felt strongly drawn to the jewel that I looked right into. It was like I was being pulled into the very jewel itself  no matter how scared I was I couldn't bring myself to look away I blame my curiosity . The scenery around me changed one minute I went from standing alone in the Antique Shop to the middle of what looked like the center of a castle court yard, by the way the it was set the scenery reminded of a movie I once saw called A Kid in King Arthur's Court. In the distance I swore I  could have heard voices as well as clashing of weapons being the very curious  person I was I followed the noise my inner self was screaming danger, but at this point I didn't care so I walked  thru the courtyard, amazed at the very beauty of  it all. I looked up as I  walked under an arch, and towards what looked liked a stone stair well being careful, I walked down the gray aged looking well, and further down past half un finished structures, I felt ground as my right foot left  the safety of the courtyard. As I continued  into the forest whilst looking for the clearing  I heard the same voices
" Aw come Lion-O!" I heard what seemed to be a boy's voice whinnying. I shook my long russet head as I looked around the forest
"I said no Kat, and that's final" A masculine male's voice replied "And besides I'm sure Tygra won't training you some" Lion-O said being as  quite as I possibly could I walked closer until five feet stood in the distance I noticed the masculine voice came a tall tan-mocha muscular  man with spiked crimson hair he had to be at least 20 yrs or more. As I went to back up, I apparently tripped on something thus landing on my ass, and the noise caused a major reaction from the duo which  wasn't what I was expecting I heard the sound of growling I gulped 'This is it life as I know it is over' I thought to myself I heard chuckling before the voice
"Don't tell me that you're afraid of a girl 'O Lord of The Thunder Cats" Wilykat said smirking as he walked up to where I was. Lion-O snarled as he looked at the young wildcat
"I'm not afraid of a young girl" Lion-O's voice was loud, Wilykat laughed
"Yeah whatever, Lord of the Thunder Cats!" Wilykat said, Lion shook his spiked crimson head as he walked over to the duo, he noticed Kat was talking to someone "So what do they call you?" He asked I'm Wilykat"
"Raelyn" I said ever so softly
"What kind of name if that?"
"Its human, and what are you?" I asked
"I'm a feline, that's Lion-O" Wilykat said pointing to the masculine man I winced as I tried to move my body
"What are you?" He asked me, I looked up at him
"Human why?" I asked him, Lion-O rolled his frosted Cerulean eyes
"Wilykat move away from the trespasser before she hurts you!" Wilykat looked over his left  shoulder at the Lord  of the Thunder Cats
"I doubt she's dangerous, Lion-O she can barely move let alone hurt me" I began to have a chronic coughing fit, blood caught Wilykat's golden eyes " N she's injured Lion-O" The lion sighed as he walked up, and stood next to the young wild cat male, his frosted cerulean eyes noticed the blood the young cub was talking about, and groaned.

He also noticed how different my eye color was
"Fine, she can stay the young girl. . .Wilykat cut him off
"You mean grown girl don'tcha She's like a teenager" The young wild cat asked/ told Lion-O cocked his spiked crimson head to the left side and looked down to the curves of young woman. Sure enough they caught him off guard, Wilykat smirked "So?  Lion-O looked back at him
"What?" The young lord asked as looked at the young bruised woman  lying there in the brush. . He noticed her skin was that of a lite mocha or latte Anyways he knew he can't just leave her there she would die. So w/o thinking the young lord swooped me up in his strong tan-mocha arms as he, and Wilykat left the forest, and headed back to the castle. Only a times  on the way to the castle did Lion-O look down at me when I  looked at him he saw I had a rare eye color which was frosted purple chrome with a tint of silver. As Lion-O reached the outskirts of the forest he heard a  light humming sound; wonderin;  where it was coming from he was surprised when Wilykat told him the soothing sound was from the young woman he was held in his arms apparently I had fallen asleep in the young Thunderian Lord's arms
"So whatcha plan to do with her once we get to the castle?"
"No idea, but she does need medical attention  to see to her injures" The lion told the young wild cat as they set foot in the courtyard of the castle.

       A male tiger approached the duo
"Lion-O, Cheetara was. . "The tiger stopped when he saw what his younger brother was holding "Woe hoe looks like Lion-O has found his mate, that was fast!" Lion-O snarled lowly at his brother
"Not likely"
"A personal slave?" The tiger asked
Tygra!" Lion-O roared causing me to up "Fuck now look what you have done!" Tygra smirked down at me I screamed, trying to get away; Lion-O had managed to calm me down. Wilykat looked up at Tygra
"That wasn't very nice" He said sourly
"Hah who said I was I'm nice kid?" Tygra asked Wilykat.
Lion-O shook his spiked crimson head as he walked thru the not so crowded courtyard into the castle, he  managed to find a spare bed chamber which was naturally across the hall from his very own, sighing. He kicked open the heavy wooden door of the bed chamber, walked in, and up to the large bed, being gentle, put me down upon the queen sized bed
"Sorry about that" Lion-O" said
"Lion-O" A young female voice said
"I'll be right back" He told me as he left the room standing outside was Wilykit
"Cheetara sent me to find you" She said
"Tell her I'm busy right now"
"Kay" He watched as she skipped down the hall b4 he returned inside the room, and walked to the large bed
"Want to tell me what you where doing in the forest?"
"I got lost" My soft voice replied
"That's understandable" A light knock was heard he snarled again I jumped "What?" The door lightly opened to revel a young female wildcat, and a cheetah
"Lion-O everyone is looking for you" The  cheetah told him
"Wilykit keep the girl company until I get back"
"Um sure" Lion-O, and the Cheetah left the room, the wildcat girl looked over at me "So" She said as she rocked back, and fourth on her hind legs "I'm Wilykit what do they call you?"
"So how'd you end up here?" Wilykit asked me
Honestly I don't know"
"Oh whatcha do for a living?"
"Deal with ancient antiques, and technology" Her golden eyes lit up
"Technology really?"
"Yes, and a bit of engineering on the side"
"How cool is that? So have you made stuff?"
"Of course"
"Technology, wait till  Lion-O hears  about this. . . So are  you like his mate, or something like that?"
"No just someone injured" My chronic cough started up the blood thicker this time, Wilykit was a bit freaked, but ignored it seeing how Lion-O was rather busy today she walked over to the heavy door, I noticed she was having a hard time I slowly got up, n helped her with the door still coughing
"Lion-O said you're suppose to be resting" She told me
"I know ugh just thou. . "The harsh coughing continued which was making my throat very raw I groaned, rolling my frosted purple chrome eyes, she looked at me
"You shouldn't be up" Wilykit told me a knock was heard
"Oh no "She sighed as I walked back, and fell into the bed I sighed as I  covered up with the blue sheet; Wilykit answered the door, and saw none other than Tygra standing there
"Its you, I thought you were at the Thundercats' meeting Tygra" Tygra looked down at her
"I was until I left to find Lion-O" The tiger told her, she knew he was lying
"Stop lying Lion-O left with my brother an hour ago, so don't use that excuse!" Wilykit said a bit louder than she meant, I groaned, and got up being curious as I was I walked over to the door, n saw the tiger standing there
"Ugh not you again" I said Tygra looked at me with a glint in his golden brown eyes
Hmms wonder what happens in this chapter? Let's see Raelyn meets Lion-O, Wilykat and the crew.
ThunderCats-Tobin Wolf

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