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Night Rain
United States
I love to listen to J-Rock/ Pop as well as writing fanfictions, Rpgs, short stories, and Poetry.
I love learning about different countries, as well as foreign lands like Scotland, Japan, England, as well as my very own heritage.

Current Residence: GA
Favorite genre of music: any
Favorite style of art: digital, and animation
MP3 player of choice: Sony Walkman
Shell of choice: Sand dollar
Skin of choice: tan
Favourite cartoon character: Lion-O from 2011 ThunderCats, Howl from Howl's moving Castle, Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach
Personal Quote: "Live free, or die hard"
Bonjour, My fellow deviants

I'd like to honor my friends on here, by letting you know how you are.

1) :iconsyryanarayn: She is like a sister to me as well as a long time friend

2) :iconjadewinchester:  is a great friend to have

3) :iconsnowofdahila: , :iconteentitanemily: , :iconrclewley2:  , :icontruthsdiary: ,
:iconvadernihilus::icongothamtaco:  ,:iconalchemistwitch14: , and :iconiamlunafromazurehowl:  are my fellow Young Justice members

4) :iconjanellemeap: , :iconjlj16: , :iconhaneeys1nsyeerah: give  ever after high some magick

5) :iconbrecelet:  is a great friend, and has helped me with ideas when my mind was frozen

6) :iconrcbases:  Has some epicly done bases when it comes to Treasure Planet

7):iconthegirlfrompennylane: , :iconbeautyandstrength: , :iconfaerietopia: , :iconkili-the-dwarf: , :iconx-kaelara-x: , :iconisram: , and :iconrollingroulette:  are my fellow fellowship members

8) :iconmazzafeme147:  is a fellow Avenger, as well as Teen Wolf lover

For those of my friends that I have yet to mention I do apologize. I have not forgotten about you at all
  • Listening to: 'I'm No Angel' by Gregg Allman
  • Reading: Breaking Dawn
  • Watching: Teen Wolf andThe Hobbit Saga
  • Playing: Wizardess Heart
  • Eating: Baby Ruth candy bar
  • Drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry


Author’s Note:
You are the niece of Bard the Bowman, and you stand the same height as Fili making you a few inches shorter then Kili. You don’t listen to authority, nor do you care of what other people say. You are a bit of a rebel at heart. Like your mother you are a great healer, and like your uncle you’re a great marksman.

The dwarfs of Erebor had made it thru the forest of Mirkwood, and managed to escape their cells with the help of their burglar; Bilbo, and made their way to Lake Town with the help of a bowman named Bard. .

Bard had managed to smuggle Thorin’s company in his barge, and made his way to his home of Lake Town. With the help of his son; Bain the company followed unseen into Bard’s house, as the company made their way into the Bowman’s house; Kili’s attention was caught by a young lass. Kili smiled over at her to which you smiled back. Later that night after your uncle told the company about the town’s weaponry all fourteen members went to get their forged weapons. Sadly Kili had fallen down the stairs, the noise caused unwanted attention from the rest of the town
After meeting with the master of Lake Town, and promised to share the wealth of Erebor, the citizens of Lake Town held a huge feast in honor of Thorin, and his company.

___________At The Feast___________

Despite being injured from being shot during his escape at Mirkwood; Kili decided  to attend to feast. He turned his brunette head as the huge door opened, his chocolate brown eyes became wide at the breath taking sight that now stood in front of him
“She’s a looker” He heard his older, blonde brother say behind him
“Aye that she is brother” Kili smiled
“Better looker than that she-elf in Mirkwood ey?” Fili asked him
“Aye even her” He replied to his older brother
As the two Duran princes chatted, you walked further into the room, your older cousin; Bain had been your escort to the feast
“What do you think of the feast_______?” He asked you “I’m still surprised the Master of this town allowed us to even attend such an event” You smirk  with a mischievous glint  in your eyes
“Oh Bain you know better than that, he hates Uncle Bard, and he’d never allow us to attend”
“Then if we are not invited how did we get here?” He asked a  bit worried
“I  have my ways Bain” This caused him to gasp, to which you giggled like a school girl. Gathering up his courage the young prince walked up to you, and your older cousin, Kili tapped your right shoulder lightly. You turned around to face him
“Hello, master dwarf” You said as you curtsied, Kili rolled his brown eyes
“Hello Milady would you do me the honor of allowing me this dance?” He asked, you smiled
“It would be my pleasure master dwarf”   Kili smiled grinning from ear to ear glad you had not rejected him. Kili led you into the center of the large room where the two of you danced the evening away. As the music came to its end, and the night went on you, and Kili finished dancing, and went to sit down “ Thank you for the dance master dwarf” You gave his right cheek a butterfly kiss in your thanks
“Please call me Kili”
“As you wish”
“The kiss . .what was it for?” Kili asked, you smiled
“My way of thanking you for a wonderful evening  Prince Kili”
“My pleasure ___________, tell me, what is your relation to the Bowman?”
“You mean Bard? He’s my uncle” After chatting, and learning about each other the feast ended, you went to met Bain so you two could head home when  you felt a light pressure on your left wrist, looking at your wrist you saw that it was Prince Kili
“Would you allow me the honor of being your escort home Milady?” You smiled, Bain noticed that your face was dusted with a rose color as was the dwarf prince
“I’d love that Pr. .” You were about to say Prince Kili when he cut you off
“Just Kili Milady” He smiled as he took your right hand in his, and walked you home with Bain following you two. Bain went inside the house when the three of you got there leaving you, and the young prince alone outside “Until we meet again Milady” Kili said, giving you a heart warming smile, and kissed your hand causing you to blush
“Till then Kili”  
___________The Next Morning___________
You were busy shopping in the town’s market when you heard Thorin, and his company. You blinked walking to get a closer look when you saw Kili being stopped by his uncle
“Not you” Thorin said to the young prince
“I have much right uncle” Kili whined
“Not until you heal, you will only slow us down”
“I grew up hearing the stories I want to be there when the door opens uncle!”
“No! you will join us when you have healed, and not before!” Thorin told his young nephew
“I will carry him if I have to” A blonde dwarf said
“No, you will understand when you are king Fili” Fili went to join his young brother, but was stopped by their  uncle “Your place is with the company”
“No my place is with my brother!” Fili yelled at his uncle. Thorin sighed
“Fine than join us when you’re ready my nephews” With that Thorin, and the remaining ten dwarfs sailed to the Lonely Mountain leaving the two princes, Oin , and Bofur in Lake Town . .  With Kili’s health fading the four dwarfs went thru Lake Town looking for someone to help the slowly dying prince. You sighed when you saw your uncle turn them away, walking up to your house you through open the door, and began a heated argument  not even the four dwarfs could understand.
Bard sighed running his hands thru his black hair as a sign on giving into what you said, he allowed the four dwarfs to enter his house. Fili with your help lay his sick brother on the main bed in the living area. You were about to leave Kili’s side to put away the groceries when Kili’s left hand grabbed your right wrist with an iron hold
“Please don’t. .  don’t leave me” Kili said softly
“I won’t Kili” You told him, and sat on the chair at the bedside keeping Kili’s hand in yours
“He’s getting worse” You heard Fili say as you pouted even thou at just met the young dwarf prince you didn’t want him to die. Just then the entire town began to shake
“Are we going to die Da?” You heard Sigard ask your uncle
“No my love’ He told her
“Do you have any herbs?” Bofur asked Bard, as your uncle named off the herbs he had Bofur shook his brown head
“None of the will work, you got any Kingsfoil?” He asked
“Kingsfoil?” Bard asked confused
“ It’s a weed fed to the pigs” You told that brunette dwarf. Bofur thanked you, you went to join him in order to help, but Fili stopped you
“Stay with Kili” The older blonde dwarf told you. You nodded, and stayed with the young prince
After learning the herb he needed was a weed, Bofur ran from the house, encountering a few orcs on his way he found the herb, and ran back to the house. As Bofur ran towards the house, you, and the dwarfs as well as your two younger cousins fought the orcs that managed to break thru the roof of the house. Two elves, a man, and woman fought along side you, the blonde stuck up one known as Legolas killed almost half of the group that had come looking for Thorin Oakenshield
“ Kill the wench!” The tallest orc said as he pointed to you “ I will enjoy this” You rolled your eyes, and laughed
“In your dreams, orc scum. Bring it on!” You yelled as you skillfully removed a blade from Legolas’s back, and fought three of them alone. The three dwarfs watched as you gracefully fought, and killed the orcs that continued to enter your home.
You were to busy to notice that an orc had sliced your back with his sword
“____________” Kili yelled your name, turning you saw that the she-elf had killed the remaining orcs including  the one that injured you. You watched as the elves left your house, only to have the she-elf return when Bofur brought back to handfuls of Kingsfoil
“Tauriel!” The spoiled elf prince yelled, she seemed to hesitated for a few as he called for her to follow, Bofur looked at her
“What do you plan to do?” He asked her, she smiled a bit
“I’m going to save them” As Tauriel told him of his, you cried out in pain from being nearly killed by the dead orc
“_________!” You heard Kili call out to you before darkness consumed you. You had been out for three hours, when you awoke the she-elf known as Tauriel smiled down at you
“How do you feel?” She asked you
“Better what did you do?” You asked her
“ Cured you” She replied
“You would have died _______” Fili said to you
“Oh, hmm how’s Kili?” You suddenly asked him
“Much better, he was worried sick about you lass” Bofur told you. You looked at the brunette dwarf like he was crazy
“She dances upon starlight” You blinked as you heard Kili spoke, walking over to the chair you sat down, and held his right hand
“Who Kili?” You asked, at the sound of your angelic voice; Kili opened his brown eyes, and smiled at you
“You do _______” You smiled
“Then you should join me” You told him, he grinned again
“As you wish Milady” He released  your hand as you got up did your private business in the bathroom, washed your hands, and sat down; Kili stopped you from sitting in the chair.
You eyed him, he then patted the side next to him on the bed, rolling your eyes, you joined the young prince on the bed, but soon fell to sleep. Your head lay upon Kili’s left shoulder as you slept next to him, he smiled, and kissed your forehead ever so lightly
“You like her don’t you brother?” Fili asked his young brother
“Aye that I do, Fi, that I do” Kili replied as sleep caught him, and dragged him under as well. Fili as well as Oin, Bofur, and Tauriel watched as the two of you slept ever so peaceful.  As you slept you had no idea that the horde creature known as Smaug was flying around in The lonely Mountain, or that your uncle Bard had been locked up by the master of Lake Town.
Kili x Reader- Rebel Heart
The Hobbit @ J.R.R. Tolkien
For the record the characters will be ooc, and Kili is a gentleman

Dress for feast…
Dress meeting Thorin, and company:…
Wonderland Haberdashery and Tea Shoppe Uniform by wolfdemongirl13
Wonderland Haberdashery and Tea Shoppe Uniform
This is my newest E.A.H. Oc; Emily Grimm in her uniform,  but unlike Faybelle Thorn she doesn't show her fairy wings in public places. Her Best Friend Ever After; Maddie got her a job at her father's Tea Shoppe

Faybelle Thorn base by :iconcylops2000:…

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