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Night Rain
United States
I love to listen to J-Rock/ Pop as well as writing fanfictions, Rpgs, short stories, and Poetry.
I love learning about different countries, as well as foreign lands like Scotland, Japan, England, as well as my very own heritage.

Current Residence: GA
Favorite genre of music: any
Favorite style of art: digital, and animation
MP3 player of choice: Sony Walkman
Shell of choice: Sand dollar
Skin of choice: tan
Favourite cartoon character: Lion-O from 2011 ThunderCats, Howl from Howl's moving Castle, Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach
Personal Quote: "Live free, or die hard"
 Young Justice:
1) Red Arrow/Celtic Avenger
2) Kid Flash/ Rav Anders
3) Aqualad/Crystallize
4) Nightwing/Stardust
5) Superboy/Geno Wonder

1) Hawkeye/Snowfury
2) Thor/Luna
3) Quicksilver/ Shade
4) Bucky-Winter Soldier/Calipsa

Monster High:
1) Brocko/Amaya
2) Clawd/Briella
3) Andy Beast/ Hissanna
4) Romulus/Krista

Teen Titans:
1) Robin/Stardust

Avatar The Last Airbender:
1) Prince Zuko/ Jia

How To Train Your Dragon
1)Hiccup/ Rosemary
2) Snoutlout/Jinseng

Ever After High:
1) Alistair Wonderland/ Emily Grimm

1) Wyatt/Alyssa

1)Emmett/Elizabeth Van Helsing
2) Nahuel/ Josephine
3) Embry Call/ Willia Mason

1)Yusei Fudo/Aya

1) Kiba/Aika
2) Gaara/Simone

Full Metal Alchemist:

Harry Potter:
1) Fred/Sarina Tonks
2) Oliver/ Vivy Lupin


ThunderCats 2011:
1) Lion-O/Raelyn
2) Wilycat/Clawdissa

Tron Uprising:
1) Beck/ Susie

Treasure Planet:

Sky High:
1) Warren/ Samira

The Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings:
1) Kili/Raina

Once Upon A Time:
1) Jefferson/ Rosalindya
2) Hook/ Kari
3) Quinn/ Lana Charming

1) Noah "Puck" Puckerman/ Alexandrea "Andrea" DiNozzo
2) Samuel Evans/ Jackie Daniels

True Blood:
1) Alcide/ Cheyenna Black
2) Godric/ Ana Stackhouse
3) Jason Stackhouse/ Sarah Wheeler

Other pairings I ship

Young Justice;
1) Robin/Deanna  -De @ :iconjet-the-glacion92:

Vampire Diaries:
1) Damon/Vivian  -Vivian :iconalchemistwitch14:

Cannon Ships I'd do:

Ever After High
1) Cerise Hood/ Daring Charming
2) Dexter/ Raven
3) Hopper/ Ginger

1) Roy/ Thea
2)Oliver/ Felicity

Young Justice:
1) Wally/ Artemis

Once Upon A Time:
1) Snow/ Charming
2)Belle/ Rumple
3) Hook/ Ruby
4)Ruby/ Quinn
5) Emma/ Hook
6) Hook/ Ariel
7) Neil/ Emma

True Blood:
1) Sam/ Sookie
2) Sookie/ Eric
3) Alcide/ Sookie


The Demigod, and the Wolf demon hanyo by wolfdemongirl13
The Demigod, and the Wolf demon hanyo
Avengers: Thor, and Luna.  Jane ends up leaving Thor for some one better

Thor x OC by :iconheartedpixels:…

Thor @ Marvel
Luna @ Me
Fairy Tale Information

Name: Lana Shepard
Age: 16-21
Home: A farm on the outskirts of the Enchanted Forest
Race: Human
Gender: female
Hair Color: medium brown
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Length: lower back
Eye Color: blue
Birthday: May 15th
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115 lbs
Body Type: some what built
Skin tone: fair
Pet: Dog named James
Family: James(Eldest brother), David(Older brother), Ruth(mother), Snow White(sister in law), Emma(niece), Henry(Great nephew)
Clothing Style: A simple cotton dress with boots
Friends: David, Snow, Red, Quinn, Anna, Regina
Occupation: Farmer's daughter, Regina's apprentice

Before The Curse/ Backstory: Lana is the younger sister of James, and his twin brother David. She's the only daughter to the farmer, and his wife. Unlike other citizens of the Enchanted Forest; Lana isn't afraid of the evil queen known as Regina. A month after turning sixteen; Lana meets a newcomer from Arendell, and the two become fast friends, but War Lord Bo-Peep has come to collect Lana as payment.
Lana is later sold as a slave, but her freedom is bought by a mysterious cloaked man later known as Quinn a child of the moon. To keep Lana safe from others of his kind; Quinn marks her as his, thus staking his clam on her later Lana is befriended by Red.

During The Curse: Like her older brother, Lana is also sent to another realm, but instead of Story Brooke she ends up in Wonder Land. There she meets a man named Jefferson whose known as the Mad Hatter. After a while she meets the citizens of Wonderland, but unlike Jefferson she doesn't go mad. Eventually with her help, Jefferson makes a portal jumping hat, and decides to take Lana with him, they end up in a small town in Maine called Story Brooke. Because of Quinn's mark on Lana; Quinn ends up in Story Brooke as well.

After The Curse: After Emma saves Story Brooke the first thing; Lana does is look for her older brother; David the duo finally reunite in front of Granny's dinner. They rejoyous, and Lana is introduced to her niece; Emma, and her great nephew; Henry. Red's pack mate; Quinn appears which both shocks, and surprises Red, and Lana. When asked Lana tells them about  an unbelievable adventure  she had in a place called Wonderland. Quinn, and Lana move into Snow's apartment building.

Story Brooke Information

Name: Lori Nolan
Age: 21
Race: Human
Home: Snow's apartment building
Gender: female
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Hair length: shoulder
Eye Color: green
Birthday: May 15th
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 127 lbs
Occupation: Belle's assistant
Clothing Style: Comfy, Jean jacket, faded blue jeans/ shorts, boots, short sleeve shirt
Friends: Jefferson, Paige, Ruby, Regina, Hook, Quinn, Alice, Will, Emma, Henry, Snow, Belle, Mr. Gold, Anna, and Elsa
Lover/ Mate: Quinn

Movie/ Role/ Actress
Movie: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters
Role: Clarisse La Rue
Actress: Leven Rambin
Once Upon A Time_ Lana
Once Upon A Time @ ABC
 Lana/ Lori Nolan @ me
Movie/ role/ Actress: Percy Jackson, Clarisse Le Rue, Leven Rambin
Willia O'Wisp-Fae form by wolfdemongirl13
Willia O'Wisp-Fae form
My first Fae oc, based upon a O' Wisp Fae. She's the distant cousin to my oc; Emily Peony Grimm
Poppy O' Hair Base by :iconblackstar0101:…

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